Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Greetings....

Hello, everyone! It's a been a long while again. I find it difficult to spend much time indoors when the weather is so nice. I keep vowing to post every each day ends, I've not found time. My thanks to everyone who keeps checking the blog. Please continue to check back.

Yesterday, the Fond Memories crew met to discuss the Fall Workshop. Yes, it seems early to be thinking of that. Yet, if we don't get it planned, we'll never get the product ordered to arrive in time. The workshop is scheduled for September 20th(only 3 months away). We'll have some great card projects. I'm excited to get started on some designs. We decided some of the products to use as well as stamp companies to feature. We have some specific ideas as well as a few open options. Of course, I can't tell you more......that would spoil the excitement of coming to the workshop. Please put it on your calendar. Remember, we ask that you pre-register for the workshop. I'll post more information as the date nears.

As I haven't made any cards this week to show you, I'm substituting some of the beautiful flowers in my gardens. This is my favorite time for my gardens. Everything is so fresh. This peony is absolutely loaded with flowers this year. I rescued this plant from the road ditch near an old farm place 4 years ago. I had one root & a couple leaves when I planted it. It has grown well since then. The red dianthus is tucked under the overhang of the peony.
The peach iris is still blooming since our spring was so
late. A geranium blooms behind it.
My clematis like the peony grew by leaps & bounds since last year. It overgrew the trellis & hangs to nearly reach the ground with lots of beautitul blooms.
The old fashioned roses (above) grow near our machine shed. They, too, are covered in flowers.

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