Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sneak Peak

Good morning all!

We're counting down now......only 12 before the Workshop! Wow, that makes me a bit nervous. Not about the projects or teaching. No, now's when I start to wonder if we remembered to order everything for each project. I made up duplicates today of the cards that I designed. As I worked on them, I thought of a few supplies I'd forgotten to add to the original list. Good thing there's still 12 days...........we have time to order yet.

Last post I listed all the projects. Today, I'm giving you a sneak peak. Since I was working on this card today, I had these supplies laying on my table. Hope this makes you want to see the finished card.
If you come to the workshop, you'll have a chance to make a card with these elements. If you can't come to the workshop, don't worry. I'll post all the cards afterwards.

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