Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two days to go....

I've added a photo of the demonstrators from our workshop last fall. Many of these same wonderful & talented ladies will be helping at our Spring workshop. Two days to go! Today, Doreen, Mary & Kathy worked hard packing up things to take to the community center. Some of our demonstrators spent this evening making many of the cards. It was a fun evening as our excitement is building for Saturday. We're all just a bit exhausted trying to get everything ready. As always, it will settle into place by tomorrow evening. As tradition has it, Doreen & I will work on name tags tomrrow evening. No need to rush into it! As we said tonight, "we have tomorrow, plenty of time".
It was fun getting a little silly tonight. Sally brought cupcakes to celebrate Doreen & Kathy's birthdays. Yum! They were great with lots of frosting.
Having fun!

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