Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tip for using color sprays

Today, I'm going to share my technique for using any color spray mists. I often use Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels for sparkle & color. I used Autumn Leaves on the sympathy card that I posted earlier this week. Another color spray made by Ranger is a textile spray in the Adirondack color line called Color Wash. These sprays are permanent on fabric. They're also wonderful to use on paper. You can also make your own custom color sprays using a mister bottle (I suggest the Mini Mister by Ranger), water, and dye ink from a re-inker (Ranger Distress or Adirondack refill inks work great). If you want metallic or pearlescent sparkle, just add a small amount of Perfect Pearls by Ranger. Perfect Pearls have a binder in them so they will stick to the paper when it's dry.

Now, for my tip to keep the spray contained. I use a dishpan that I found at a dollar store. I lay a sheet of printer paper or a paper towel in the bottom, place whatever I intend to mist on the paper & spray away. The dishpan keeps the spray from going all over as long as you keep the spray bottle near the rim of the pan. If I'm concerned about overspray, I lay down some newspaper & place the dishpan in the center. The paper in the bottom of the pan dries out between uses and becomes a great medley of color from all the different sprays that I use. I save the prettier scraps to use as background papers on some future project. If I'm spraying several things so that the paper gets wet, I either dry it with my heat gun or change the paper. Otherwise, the spray builds up and will soak the back of the item you're trying to spray. That's usually not a good effect!
I sprayed the flowers on the right side with Autumn Leaves Glimmer Mist. You can see the difference in the colors of the aqua flower. The spray dulled the color so it coordinated so much better with the Kimberly Poloson paper by Fiskars on the sympathy card. It's a bit harder to see the difference in the black flowers. The sprayed flower has a brown tone with a hint of sparkle.

Here's a closer look at the flowers. The misted flowers are on the left side in this photo.
Until next time, mist away!

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