Friday, February 13, 2009

Copic Markers

We've had numerous questions about Copic markers.....

I started using them a couple months ago. I love the assortment of colors & the blending capabilities! Lots of paper crafters are using them now. If you follow any blogs or card making websites, you're bound to find them mentionned.

So........does Fond Memories carry Copic markers? Soon!
We ordered them at CHA. We're not sure how long before they arrive. These markers come from Japan. It's typically a 6-8 week wait for delivery.

Copic markers are alcohol based (actually ethanol). Unlike water based markers, the colors can be blended easily. All Copic markers are refillable and the tips are replaceable. There are several different styles: Original, Sketch & Ciao. The Sketch & Ciao are the most popular for paper crafts. The Sketch marker comes in 322 colors.....a bit mind boggling if you're trying to choose what colors to buy! Although the Ciao has exactly the same tips at the Sketch, it comes in fewer colors, has less ink per marker and costs less.

Copic has put together several sets of markers called Papercrafting sets in both Sketch & Ciao. These sets include a nice range of colors for anyone using them for scrapbooking, stamping, etc. There are sets of 12 (Bright, Earth, Pastel), 36 and 72.
Fond Memories will special order any of the Papercrafting sets at 25% off. A great savings!
Feel free to call, email or stop in with any questions.

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