Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moonlight Madness!

Tonight was Moonlight Madness in Walnut Grove! It's a fun night when the stores offer discounts. Many customers come in their Halloween costumes. Everyone is in a festive mood!

I stopped at the store after work to see Kathy, Mary & Doreen in their "costumes". I ended up helping for about an hour. The store was packed. Kathy & Mary were permanently fixed behind the checkout counter bagging purchases & ringing up sales! Doreen & Sally were refilling the food sample dishes & helping customers. I stood near the door to offer each customer a chance to draw a little orange discount coupon from a black cauldron. Each coupon gave a percent off of their entire purchase. Lots of fun shopping!
Lucky for me I had my camera along! (I often do just in case I need to get a picture of a card for the blog.) Well, tonight I got some pics of 3 of the Fond Memories costume. Don't you wish you could have been there?
Here's Kathy & Mary in action behind the counter........... Love those red cheeks!
Okay, now I got their attention....... Aren't they pretty?

And here's Doreen.........isn't she sweet in purple?

I tried to get another photo of Kathy just before I left. Kathy's comment was "not now I'm trying to think" as she rang up another customer's purchases......... I think she was pondering whether she hit the right key on the cash register at this moment. Or maybe she was just checking her earrings?!!!
It was a fun time in the old town tonight!

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